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Basic Zombie Etiquette for Mountain Bike Riders

Day or night Zombie Bike Patrols must go on. Along with the vigilance, simple Zombie Bike Patrol Rules are needed. Starting with, although they have no official comment on Zombies, they are the go to specialists on trail safety. Hand in hand with IMBA, the common sense in all of us keeps us from running into trees, cars and Zombies. 3 of the top 5 things not to do while riding ones bike.

Good Equipment

Bikes in great condition with repair gear. Night Lights with batteries charged. A large backpack for Zombie Heads and/or meals and snacks. Good or Bad weather, be aware of your surroundings. And of course Good Socks. Happy feet means happy hunting.


This is simple, the Sandwich. Throw a sandwich at a Zombie, it takes a good 25 to 38 seconds for a Zombie to react and continue to keep coming at you. More than enough time to get away. Distance is key. Hydration is also important. Water, Zombies hate water.

Zombie Hunting

Best done in groups of 3 or more. Use long dirt roads, single track is no good for Zombies (too technical). Distance is good. Rotate Zombie watch shifts. Speed is not for hunting. Speed is only good for the escape back to the parking lot and the safety of your cars.


Speed and Distance. Unless you are surrounded. Then you will be happy with having 3 or more riders with you. With enough riders form a circle with your bike held 3 feet off the ground and head for the parking lot. Zombies don't understand wheels and spokes, like sandwiches, to many things coming at them at once. But they will figure out what is going on and keep coming.

This is the basic Zombie Etiquette we have developed here at Pedal or Die Bicycle Works. 

Zombie Bike Patrol

Simple, patrol and report. Engaging zombies is better left to the professionals.


                                                                                                                      I RIDE A BIKE AND HUNT ZOMBIES


March 14, 2017