Soon after I got my first mountain bike, I was going down a forest road really fast (12mph). It went quite well.

My name is Marc and this is my Dream. Soon after that ride I went to work on Pedal or Die Map Company.

Today we all have GPS units in our phones. While working and riding for Pedal or Die Maps, I purchased some

socks for gifts and now we have 14 Colors and 5 Styles of Socks and 3 New Jersey's on Order. I am still riding, although my bikes have changed.

A new twist in the story, I am riding in my first race as a Team Rider for Pedal or Die Racing, at the OREGON24, Sept. 9-11, 2016 in Bend OR. Riding in Category Men Solo 60 +. How did it go? Well, DNF with 3 mechanicals and +15 degrees over what was a 72 degree day. But the taxi ride back from the emergency room was the end to a great first race day for me.

I ride a hardtail mountain bike.

I have a day job.

I will race a 24 hour race format 9 times next year.

I find training a very safe place to work in.

I believe everyone should have a sock collection.

I am a charming, yet at times a socially inept young man, trapped in a 62 year old body.

I sell socks and jersey's on the weekends.

I hunt Zombies in my spare time. Patrol and Report.    



March 14, 2017